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Choosing Outline Display
Remember that in order for headings to act and display properly in the Outline window,
you must format them in the styles that Word will recognize—Heading 1, Heading 2, or
Heading 3; however, you can modify the styles any way you like for those headings. You
can use the Styles gallery to change the formatting choices for those styles and save the
changes in the current document. Word can also make the changes to all similar
heading styles in your document automatically. For more information on using Styles to format
headings easily, see Chapter 12, “Applying and Customizing Quick Styles.”
In some instances, you might want to use the Tab key to actually insert a Tab character
between words and not to demote a heading level in your outline. When you want to
insert an actual tab in your outline, press Ctrl+Tab instead of simply pressing the Tab key.
Got a great idea for a new project? Use Outline view to brainstorm the main points of
the idea and then switch to Normal or Page Layout view to flesh out the details.
Choosing Outline Display
When working in Word’s Outline view, you can customize the display so that you see only
the heading levels you want to view. For example, you might want to see only the first-level
heads in your outline so you can ensure that all of your most important topics are covered.
Or you might want to see every level to check the completeness of the subtopics. You can
easily move back and forth between various outline displays by using the Outline Tools.
Outline view is displaying pasted content incorrectly.
Depending on where you copied your content originally, you might be working with
hidden codes in the document that are fouling up your format in Outline view. In Web
copy, text can include soft returns instead of hard returns between paragraphs, which
can leave Word not knowing where to break lines and sections.
You can solve this problem by displaying non-printing characters and deleting any
unwanted elements before you display the document in Outline view. To display
hidden characters, click the Show/Hide tool in the Paragraph group of the Home tab
(alternately, press Ctrl+*).
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