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Displaying Different Levels of Text
Displaying Different Levels of Text
To limit the display of your outline to only level-1 headings, for example, click the Show
Level arrow to display the list of levels. Click Level 1 to display only the first level, as shown
in Figure 13-4.
Figure 13-4 In the Show Level list box, you can control the levels displayed in Outline view by
choosing what you want to see.
Copy Document Headings Without All of the Text
Being able to collapse the outline display to headings only provides you with a quick
look at the overall organization of your document. If only you could copy and paste
only the headings of your outline as well. Unfortunately, when you highlight the entire
outline, copy it, and paste it into another document, the whole thing—headings and
subordinate text—goes along for the ride. One workaround is to create a table of
contents (TOC) to the appropriate level (Chapter 23, “Preparing Tables of Contents and
Indexes,” tells you how to do this) and then convert the TOC to regular text. You can
then copy the headings and paste them into a document.
Other methods of changing which heading levels appear can be used. You can click the
Expand or Collapse button on the Outlining toolbar, or you can double-click the Plus
(+) symbol to the left of a heading to display subordinate items.
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