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Showing the First Line of Text
Showing the First Line of Text
When you want to see the paragraph text you enter, you can have Word display only the
first line of text so that you can see the content of the paragraph without displaying it
entirely. Why might you want to display only the first line of text? Here are a few reasons:
To check the order in which you discuss topics
To decide whether to move text to a different part of the document
To review the primary points you’ve covered under subheadings
When all levels in your outline are displayed, you can specify first line text display by
selecting the Show First Line Only check box in the Outline Tools group on the Outlining tab. The
display changes to show the first text lines, as shown in Figure 13-5. To restore full
paragraphs again, clear the check box.
Figure 13-5 Displaying only the first line of a paragraph lets you see section openings so that
you can make informed choices about reordering topics.
If you want to change the line lengths in Outline view so that the text wraps the way
you want it to, on the File tab, choose Options. In the Word Options dialog box, click
Advanced, and then in the Show Document Content section, select the Show Text
Wrapped within the Document Window check box. When that setting is checked, you
can adjust the wrapping of text both in Outline and Draft views by simply changing the
width of the document window.
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