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Removing and Showing Formatting
Removing and Showing Formatting
Another quick change that you might want to make is to suppress the display of formatting
in your outline. As described earlier in this chapter, when you change to Outline view, the
headings are shown with whatever character formatting they’re assigned in the other Word
views. When you’re working in the outline, however, you might find formatting differences
distracting while you consider the content and organization of your topics.
To hide the formatting in your outline, select the Show Text Formatting check box in the
Outline Tools group on the Outlining tab. This control actually functions as a toggle,
meaning that the first click hides the formatting and the second displays it again. Figure 13-6
shows you what a simple outline looks like when all formatting has been suppressed.
Figure 13-6 When you want to focus on the thoughts in your outline without visual distractions,
you can hide the formatting.
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