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Working with Headings in Outline View
Working with Headings in Outline View
Whether you create an outline from scratch or use the outline of an existing document,
you’ll invariably want to change some headings and insert and delete others. Headings are
easy to work with in Outline view—with a simple click of a tool, you can change heading
levels, move headings in the outline, and even demote a heading to body text if you like.
Adding a Heading
When you want to insert a heading in an existing outline, in Outline view, find the heading
that you want the new heading to follow. Then simply place the cursor after that heading
and press Enter. If you want the heading to be at the same level as the heading preceding
it, simply type the new heading. If you want to promote or demote the heading level, click
the appropriate button before typing your text.
Applying Outline Levels
You can choose the outline level for your heading by using the Outline Level list box on
the Outlining toolbar. Click in the heading to which you want to apply the outline level and
then click the Outline Level arrow to display the list, as shown in Figure 13-7. Choose the
level you want, and the format is applied to the heading.
Figure 13-7 If you know which outline level you want to assign to the new heading, choose it
directly from the Outline Level list box.
Promoting and Demoting Headings
Once you have text in your outline, you can change outline levels easily, such as moving a
heading from level 1 to level 2 or from body text up to level 3. Promoting a heading takes
it one level higher in the outline, and demoting a heading moves it one level down in the
Each time you click the Demote button, Word moves the heading one level down the
Outline Level scheme. Outline view shows the change by indenting the heading and changing
the formatting. Conversely, the Promote button raises the heading level of the selected text
until you reach Level 1, which is the highest outline level available.
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