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Exploring the Ribbon
Contextual tabs. Contextual tabs help keep the window uncluttered by displaying
task-related tools only when an object is selected in the document. When you select
a picture, for example, the contextual Picture Tools tab appears along the top of the
Ribbon. The commands displayed when the tab is selected all relate to the object
you’ve selected (see Figure 1-8).
Figure 1-8 Contextual tabs display tools related to the specific object you select in the
The Ribbon is fully displayed by default when you begin working with Word. If you
want to minimize the Ribbon to increase room on the screen, press Ctrl+F1 or click the
Minimize The Ribbon button, located to the left of the Help tool just above and at
the right end of the Ribbon. The Ribbon reduces to the tabs only. To redisplay the
Ribbon, press Ctrl+F1 again or click Expand The Ribbon. A quick way to reduce and
alternately display the tabs is to double-click one of the tabs. The first double-click hides
the Ribbon; the second redisplays it.
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