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Changing Your Outline
Changing Your Outline
Once you arrange all heading levels the way you want them, you might decide to move
some of your outline topics around. That’s one of the biggest benefits of using Outline
view—you can easily see which topics it, which do not it, or which would work better
somewhere else.
Expanding and Collapsing the Outline
The symbols in the Outline window give you clues about what (if anything) is subordinate
to the level displayed in the outline. You can use these symbols (introduced in Table 13-1)
to alternately display and hide sections and subsections in your document.
You’ll find two easy methods for expanding and collapsing the topics in your outline. To
expand a topic, you can double-click the plus sign to the left of the target heading, or, if
you prefer, you can simply make sure the heading is selected then click Expand.
Collapse works the same way. Simply click in the heading of the topic you want to hide and
then double-click the plus sign, or click Collapse on the Outlining toolbar.
Moving Outline Topics
Another benefit to Outline view is that you can move entire topics in your document from
place to place. It doesn’t matter if you choose to use the Outlining tools, cut and paste text
using the Office Clipboard, or drag what you’ve selected from place to place, as you’ll see in
the following sections, you can easily move portions of your document around as needed.
Moving Topics Up and Down
When you want to move part of an outline to an earlier point in your document or closer
to the end, you can use two of the Outlining tools—Move Up and Move Down—to do the
trick. Start by selecting the entire part you want to move and then click Move Up to move
the selection up one heading. If you want to move it more than one level up, click Move Up
as many times as needed to position the selection in the right place.
Use Move Down in the same way. Select the part of your outline that you want to move
and then click Move Down on the Outlining toolbar. If you want to move the selection
more than one level down, continue to click Move Down.
If you want to move only a heading and not an entire topic, click in the heading before
choosing Move Up or Move Down. Word moves only the selected heading and leaves any
subordinate headings and text in place.
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