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Changing Your Outline
Cutting and Pasting Parts of the Outline
You can also cut and paste parts of your documents in Outline view. This procedure is
helpful when you know you want to move a topic but are not exactly sure where you want to
put it. You can cut and paste part of an outline by following these steps:
1. Select the portion of the outline you want to move.
2. On the Home tab, click Cut in the Clipboard group. (Alternatively, you can click
Ctrl+X if you prefer.)
The selected portion is removed from the outline and placed on the Office Clipboard.
3. Scroll through the outline until you find the place where you’d like to paste your
selection. Click to place the cursor there.
4. Click Paste in the Clipboard group on the Home tab (or use Ctrl+V). The selection is
pasted at the new location.
Forget What’s on the Clipboard?
T he Clipboard keeps track of everything you copy, cut, or paste while you’re
working. However, when you are moving sections around in your document, you can
easily lose track of what you’ve clipped out of your file. If you need to view the
contents of the Clipboard, on the Home tab, click the dialog launcher in the Clipboard
The Clipboard appears when you click the Clipboard dialog launcher, displaying
everything you’ve placed on the Clipboard recently (the Clipboard holds a total of 24 items).
To work with the items on the Clipboard, click the item you want to use and select the
command you want from the displayed list.
Dragging to a New Location
If the part of your outline you want to move is within dragging distance of the new
location, you can highlight it and drag it to the new position. As you drag, the pointer changes,
showing a small box beneath the arrow. A horizontal line moves from line to line, tracking
the point at which the selection will be inserted when you release the mouse button.
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