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Printing Your Outline
I have too many page breaks in my printed outline.
Suppose that you’ve finished working on the outline for the Coral Reef Divers report,
and the development team is waiting to see what you’ve come up with. You’ve gone
back over it several times to make sure you have all of the sections organized properly
and the outline levels set correctly. Everything looks good.
But when you print the outline, there are big gaps in the center of the pages. In the file,
the text looks fine—what’s the problem? Chances are the blank spots are due to Word’s
treatment of manual page breaks. If you’ve inserted manual page breaks in your
document, you need to remove them before printing the outline; otherwise, the blank spots
will prevail.
To remove manual page breaks, on the Home tab, click the Show/Hide tool in the
Paragraph group to display all formatting marks in your outline. Then move to each page
break symbol, double-click it, and press Delete. Save your document and print again.
The unwanted breaks should be gone.
When I View My Outline on the Screen in Outline View, the Indents
Look Right, but When I Print, the Indents Are Gone
Outline view uses indents to display the subordination level of the various headings
in your document. As such, the indents don’t actually exist on the document page;
instead they are simply used to show you the various outline heading levels.
If you want the indents to be in place when you print the document, you need to use
the Outline Numbered tool to set up the spacing. Select the text to which you want to
apply the format change, and click the Multilevel List tool in the Paragraph group on
the Home tab. Click the style of list you want to apply, and Word reformats your
headings accordingly. Now when you view the outline in Outline view or in Page Layout
view, you will see the indents for the headings in your document.
If you’d like, you can change the amount of space used in the indent by right-clicking
one of the list numerals and choosing Adjust List Indents. Use the Text Indent At
setting in the Position area to indicate the amount of space by which you want the text to
be indented. Click OK to save your changes.
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