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The (Almost) One-Click Print Process in Word 2010
Figure 14-1 The Print window incorporates preview and print options in one view.
One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when preparing your document for
printing is that Word is always in contact with your current printer. Word uses the driver for
the current printer for various tasks, such as to obtain the available fonts that are displayed
on the Font list and for document pagination.
When you view a document in Print Layout view, for example, you are seeing the document
as it will look when printed on the currently selected printer. For this reason, if you plan
on printing a document, you should make sure the printer you intend to use is set as the
current printer prior to setting printing options or making any layout adjustments in your
document. To change to a different printer, click Printer on the File tab (see Figure 14-2).
You can choose a new printer by clicking the one you want from the list. After you make
this change, you might see slight pagination changes in your document.
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