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Keep Your Favorite Tools in Reach with the Quick Access Toolbar
You can tailor the Word 2010 interface to it your own style. Now you can add tab groups,
create new groups, reorder tools, and rename groups already displayed. You’ll find everything
you need to make these changes in Word Options. See Chapter 2 to find out the specifics.
Keep Your Favorite Tools in Reach with the Quick
Access Toolbar
In the upper-left corner of the screen you’ll find the Quick Access Toolbar, which offers,
within clicking distance, favorite file-management tools you are likely to use often. When
you first launch Word 2010, the Save, Undo Typing, and Repeat Typing tools appear in the
Quick Access Toolbar. You can click the Customize The Quick Access Toolbar arrow to
display a list of additional tools and options that you can use to tailor the tools offered there
(see Figure 1-9).
Figure 1-9 You can tailor the Quick Access Toolbar to include the tools you use often and want
to make available while you work.
You can customize the Quick Access Toolbar a couple of different ways. First, you can
simply click the tool you want from the Customize Quick Access Toolbar list. If the tool doesn’t
appear in the list, you can click More Commands, navigate to the tool you want to add, and
click it. You can also add a tool to the Quick Access Toolbar by right-clicking the tool in the
Ribbon, and then click Add To Quick Access Toolbar (see Figure 1-10).
The changes you make to the Quick Access Toolbar in one document carry through for
other documents as well. To return the Quick Access Toolbar to the default display, click
the Customize Quick Access Toolbar and choose More Commands. In the
Customizations area, click the Reset arrow and choose Reset Only Quick Access Toolbar, and then
click OK.
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