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Zooming In on the Details
You can change your view by sliding the indicator marker or clicking the minus (–) and
plus (+) signs at each end of the spectrum to decrease or increase the current view by 10
percent per click. Using the slider, you can view your document from 10 percent to 500
percent of its normal size. Furthermore, as you change the percentage, Word by default
automatically shows the number of pages that it within the view in the workspace (for
example, if you view a multipage document formatted for standard 8.5 × 11-inch paper at
30 percent, you will probably see three pages onscreen simultaneously). You can use the
Zoom Slider and Zoom Level in this manner in both Print Preview and Print Layout view.
Figure 14-4 shows the preview of multiple pages.
Figure 14-4 Zoom tools enable you to preview several pages of your document at one time,
depending on the percentage at which you choose to view them.
In other views, such as Draft and Outline, you can use the Zoom tools but will not see
clear page divisions as you see in Figure 14-4. Note that the Zoom Slider and Zoom
Level are not available in Full Screen Reading view.
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