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Making Changes While Previewing
You can also display the Zoom dialog box, shown in Figure 14-5, to further modify your
view. To open the Zoom dialog box, double-click the percentage of display, which is to the
left of the Zoom slider, as shown in Figure 14-4. A few useful options in the Zoom dialog
box are the Many Pages option, which is used to specify how many pages to show, and the
Whole Page option, which sets the zoom to the width of the document’s text.
Figure 14-5 The Zoom dialog box enables you to configure exact viewing details in Print Preview.
Making Changes While Previewing
As you zoom in, out, and move around while previewing your document, you might see
details you want to change. For basic editing tasks—like correcting a typo or changing
a format—you need to go on the File tab again to return to your document to ix the
problems; you’ll be returned to the original location the cursor was positioned when you
displayed Backstage view, which means that you might have to search all over for the areas
you want to change.
Changes you can make while previewing your document that will be immediately apparent
in the preview window are these:
Adjusting margins, indents, line numbering, and borders. You can choose the
margins setting (second from the bottom in the center panel of Print view) to display
a list of margin options (see Figure 14-6). Click Custom Margins to display the Page
Setup dialog box and change additional options.
Change paper size. Click the paper size setting (third from the bottom) and choose
the paper size you want to view. The preview window changes to reflect the change.
Your text will be relowed automatically but you might need to resize pictures,
diagrams, or other added elements.
Change document orientation. Click the orientation setting (fourth from the
bottom) to change from portrait to landscape orientation (or vice versa). Again, the
preview changes to reflect your choice and text is relowed automatically. You might
need to exit Backstage view to align pictures and other objects before you print.
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