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Making Changes While Previewing
Figure 14-6 You can choose new margins and set other page options from within
Print view.
You can also change a number of page specifications using the Page Setup link at
the bottom of the center panel in Print view. When you click Page Setup you have
the option of changing margins, orientation, line numbering, borders, page size, and
“Fitting” Text
If you need to it text to a specific page or number of pages, you can use several
methods to accomplish this task. Reducing the font size or changing the page margins are
typically two of the first methods you might try. If those methods don’t condense text
enough, you might want to try the following techniques:
Spacing Before/After Paragraphs. If you use formatted space between
paragraphs as opposed to empty paragraphs, you can adjust the spacing before or
after paragraphs. Space between paragraphs rarely needs to be 10 or 12 points,
and you can type any amount, even as small as one-tenth of a point. You can also
type other units of measure after the value and they will be converted to points.
Use cm for centimeters, in for inches, and li for lines. For example, .6 li is
converted to 7.2 points. The Spacing Before and Spacing After options can be found
in the Paragraph dialog box on the Indents And Spacing tab in the Spacing area.
To display the Paragraph dialog box, click the dialog launcher in the Paragraph
group on the Home tab.
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