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Printing Quickly and Efficiently
Set Exact Line height. Line spacing, or the amount of space between the lines
of a paragraph, is typically more space than necessary. Setting line spacing to an
exact line height can reduce the space between lines and allows more text to it
on a page. The line height you need depends on the font size, and it might take
some experimentation to find the best height so that the text is still easy to read.
To adjust the line spacing, on the Home tab, click the dialog launcher in the
Paragraph group. In the Spacing area, change Line Spacing to Exactly, and then start
by making the adjustments in 1-point increments using the At text box. Note
that you can also use increments of one-tenth of a point by typing directly in the
At text box.
Condense Character Spacing. Condensing the amount of space between
characters is a common method used to reduce page count, and the results are
hardly noticeable. Condensing your text by even one-tenth of a point makes an
impact on page count. To condense spacing between characters, on the Home
tab, click the dialog launcher in the Font group to display the Font dialog box.
Click the Character Spacing tab, change the Spacing option to Condensed, and
modify the points in the By text box.
These methods can be used in combination, or you might find that a single method
resolves the issue. And while the methods were presented in the context of reducing
page count, you can also use these same tools to increase spacing and page count, if
need be.
Printing Quickly and Efficiently
When you’re happy with the preview of your document, you’re ready to print. By far, the
easiest and most common printing task is printing an entire document. When you want to
send the entire document to the current printer, simply click Print, and then click the Print
button at the top of the center column of Print view on the File tab.
For faster printing, you might want to add Quick Print to your Quick Access Toolbar. To
do so, click the More button at the end and then click Quick Print. You can see which
printer is the current selection by hovering the mouse over Quick Print.
You can also print a Word document from within Word and in Windows Explorer
without opening the file or the Print dialog box by right-clicking a file or group of files in the
Open dialog box and then clicking Print from the shortcut menu. Note that you will likely
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