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Printing Selected Text
encounter a message box stating that the command cannot be performed because a dialog
box is open. Click OK to close the message, and then close the Open dialog box; the
document or documents will then be sent to the printer.
Send to OneNote 2010 is one of the settings available in your Printer selection setting
in Print view. This enables you to easily—and instantly—print a copy of your current
document directly to your OneNote 2010 workbook.
Printing Selected Text
Perhaps you’ve been talking with a co-author about a specific section and she’s offered to
take a look at it for you. You want to print just those two pages so that the two of you can
look at it side by side. To print just that portion of the document, follow these steps:
1. Highlight the text you want to print.
2. On the File tab, click Print.
In the first option in the Settings area, click Print Selected Text (see Figure 14-7), and
then click Print.
The selected portion is printed on the currently selected printer.
Figure 14-7 Use Print Selected Text to print a portion of a document.
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