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Printing Hidden Text
An extra blank page is output when I print.
If an extra blank page prints at the end of your print job, there might be an extra
paragraph return or two inserted at the end of your document. To delete the empty
paragraphs, display hidden characters in your document (click the Show/Hide button in
the Paragraph group on the Home tab, or press Ctrl+Shift+*) and then delete the extra
paragraph markers. After you delete the extra paragraph markers, you can verify that
the extra blank page has been removed by viewing your document in Print Preview.
If the extra paragraph mark is after a table, then this paragraph mark cannot be
deleted. The workaround for this issue is to select the paragraph mark and change the
font size to 1 point. You also need to remove any spacing before or after the paragraph
and make sure it is formatted with single line spacing.
If you and your co-authors have gone through multiple revisions with Tracked Changes
turned on and you want to print and discuss a list of all your collective changes, you
can have Word print just a list of revisions. On the File tab, click Print then click the
top arrow beneath Settings. In the list that appears, click List of Markup and then click
Printing Hidden Text
It’s possible that not all text in your document is be meant for all eyes to see. For example,
some hidden text is be created by specific Word features, such as index fields and table of
contents fields. But other text—perhaps financial forecasts, staff salaries, or other sensitive
information—can also be hidden from view for specific projects and audiences.
You can display hidden text on the screen by clicking the Show/Hide tool in the Paragraph
group of the Home tab. Alternately, you can press Ctrl+Shift+8 to toggle the display of
hidden text on and off. Hidden text appears marked by a dotted underline.
Hidden text does not print by default, regardless of whether it displayed on your screen. If
you want to print hidden text, you need to change your Print options. On the File tab, click
Options then click Display. Under Printing Options, click the Print Hidden Text check box
and click OK to save the change.
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