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Canceling a Print Job
This option is an application option as opposed to an option that is stored with the
document. It will remain in effect for all documents.
Canceling a Print Job
On occasion, you might decide at the last moment to cancel a print job. The way you
cancel a print job depends on whether background printing is turned on. By default, Word
activates background printing, which means that you can continue working while you print
a document. To change this setting, on the File tab, click Options then click Advanced. Then
scroll to the Print area and clear the Print In Background check box. To halt printing from
within Word while your computer is sending a document to the printer, follow one of these
two procedures:
If background printing is disabled, click Cancel or press Esc.
If background printing is enabled, click the Cancel button in the Status bar while the
document is being sent to the printer. If you’re printing a short document, the Cancel
button might not be visible long enough for you to cancel the printing task.
The wrong font appears in my document on the screen or when printed.
In some cases, a font that you’re using might not show up in your document. Instead,
Word substitutes another font for the unavailable font. You can control which font is
used as the substitute font by performing the following steps:
1. On the File tab, click Options then click Advanced. Scroll to the Show Document
Content options and click the Font Substitution button. If your document
doesn’t require font substitution (because all fonts used in the document are
available), Word displays a message stating that no font substitution is necessary.
If your document does require font substitution, the Font Substitution dialog
box opens, listing the affected fonts.
2. Under Font Substitutions, click the missing font name under Missing Document
Font and then click a substitute font in the Substituted Font box.
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