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Printing Odd and Even Pages
Print All Pages Prints the entire document; the default selection.
Print Selection Prints selected text starting at the top of the printed page. To use
this option, text must be selected in the document prior to displaying the Print dialog
box. Note that the selection must be a contiguous text selection.
Print Current Page Prints the page currently displayed on the screen (even if you
have scrolled away from the page containing the cursor) or the selected page in Print
Preview (if multiple pages are shown).
Print Custom Range Prints only the pages, page ranges, and sections you specify.
Use commas for individual pages and hyphens for a range of pages. For example,
enter 1-5,9,15-18 to print pages 1 through 5, page 9, and pages 15 through 18.
If your document contains sections, you must specify which pages and sections to
print. Precede the page number with p and use s for section. For example, type s2,s4
to print all of sections 2 and 4; type p3s4-p6s5 to print from page 3, section 4 to
page 6, section 5.
Word uses the formatted page number, as opposed to the physical page number (Page
X Of Y shown in the status bar), for printing. To quickly determine the formatted page
number and section number, note the Page and Section in your status bar and enter
the values in the Print dialog box as you see them. If you do not see the Page and
Section, right-click the Customizable Status bar, click Formatted Page Number, and then
click Section to add them to your status bar.
Printing Odd and Even Pages
If you want to print using both sides of each sheet of paper, but you don’t have a duplex
printer (a printer that can automatically print on both sides of a sheet), use the Manual
Duplex option in the Print Settings area. If this option is selected, Word prints all of the
pages that appear on one side of the paper and then prompts you to turn the stack over
and feed the pages into the printer again.
Another alternative is to use the options, Only Print Odd Pages and Only Print Even Pages,
located in the Print settings (see Figure 14-9). To accomplish this, you can print all of the
odd pages first, turn the printed pages over, reinsert the paper into your printer’s paper
tray, and then print the even pages. You’ll probably have to experiment with your printer
tray to ensure that you insert the paper properly. To assist in this task, take a few sheets of
paper and annotate them with Top, Bottom, Odd, and Even. Print only the same number of
pages so you can get a better idea of how your device prints without using a lot of paper.
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