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Printing Document Elements
Figure 14-9 Choose Only Print Odd Pages or Only Print Even Pages if you want to print on both
sides of the page with a non-duplex printer.
Keep in mind that printing in this way can eventually cause printers to jam as a result of
the ink from the already printed pages building up as they pass through your printer.
If you do a lot of two-sided printing, you should probably invest in a printer that is
designed to handle it.
If your print margins seem out of whack or your page prints in the wrong orientation,
check your printer settings to ensure they aren’t overriding Word’s print settings. On
the File tab, click Print then click Printer Properties. Check the orientation setting on
the Layout tab and change it if necessary; click OK to return to the Print window.
Printing Document Elements
As you know, documents consist of much more than just the content that appears on a
page. Documents can include document properties, styles, tracked changes, and comments,
as well as other elements available to the document such as Building Blocks and keyboard
shortcut assignments. In some cases, you might want to print these items instead of the
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