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Printing Several Pages per Sheet
Styles Creates an alphabetical list of styles defined in the current document. Each
list entry includes the style definition, such as formatting attributes, style for the
following paragraph, based on style, style type, and so forth.
For more information about creating and using styles, see Chapter 12.
AutoText Entries Prints a complete alphabetical list of the AutoText entries
available to the document that are stored in any global templates or the current
document template.
Key Assignments Prints an alphabetical list of custom shortcut keys created for
standard Word commands and other functions such as macros and styles. If no custom
shortcut keys or macros are included in the document, the printout includes the
document location and the text Global Key Assignments to indicate that only the global
shortcuts are in effect for the document.
For more information about working with macros, see Chapter 28, “Working with
Macros in Word 2010.”
Printing a markup list for a page range doesn’t work.
Unfortunately, you can’t print a markup list for a range of pages—you must print either
a complete list of all changes made to an entire document or none at all. Luckily, if
you’re flexible, you can work around this limitation. The easiest approach is to forget
about the list and instead print a range of pages using the Document Showing Markup
option. You’ll be able to see the tracked changes and comments in this view—it just
won’t be printed in list format (and in many cases, the changes make more sense when
you see them in a document instead of listed one after another).
Of course, in some instances you might really need to print a list of markups for a
range of pages. Don’t worry—there’s still hope. One way you can accomplish this is to
copy the portion of the document containing the tracked changes to a new document
and print the list of markup for the new document instead.
Printing Several Pages per Sheet
In Word, you can print more than one document page on a single sheet of paper. This
feature helps you to better see a document’s layout and can be used to present information
in a visually concise manner (it’s not a bad way to save a few sheets of paper, either). You’ll
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