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Scaling Printed Documents
find that printing several pages per sheet is similar to previewing multiple pages. (The
difference is that the printed pages generally provide a clearer view of the pages’ contents.)
When you print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper, Word shrinks the pages to the
appropriate size for printing purposes. To set up this arrangement, follow these steps:
1. On the File tab, click Print (or press Ctrl+P) to display the Print view.
2. Click the last setting in the Settings area then click the item that represents what you
want to print (see Figure 14-11). You can print up to 16 pages per sheet.
Figure 14-11 Choose the number of pages you want to print per sheet.
You must use the values in the Pages Per Sheet list to specify the number of pages to
be printed—you can’t type a value. In addition, the feature is available only when the
Document or Document Showing Markup option is selected in the Print What list.
Scaling Printed Documents
Just as you can reduce and enlarge copies when you use a photocopier, you can reduce and
enlarge your print output in Word by using the Scale To Paper Size option at the bottom of
the Page Per Sheet setting. Scaling documents can come in handy when you are printing
on nonstandard paper sizes or when you want to shrink your output slightly to ensure that
information isn’t cut off at the margins.
The key to scaling documents is to use the Scale To Paper Size list, which is located at the
bottom of the Settings list in Print view. The Scale To Paper Size list includes a variety of
sizing options including Letter, Legal, Executive, A4, various envelope sizes, index cards, photo
sizes, banners, and so forth. To view the list of options, click the Scale To Paper Size option.
By default, the No Scaling option is selected.
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