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Specialized Printing
Using Scale To Paper Size scales your document for the current printing session only.
Also, it doesn’t resize or alter the document’s contents.
Characters are cut off in Word 2010.
If your printer is spitting out odd characters or cutting off the bottoms of words,
there’s a problem somewhere in the way Word is communicating the information
to your printer. To ensure Word is sending the information correctly, on the File tab,
choose Options, then in the Advanced tab, scroll down to Layout Options, clear the
Don’t Center Exact Line Height Lines check box, and then click OK.
You can also check your printer properties in the Device and Hardware window to
ensure you are using the latest printer driver available for your machine.
Specialized Printing
In addition to the options available in the Print view, Word offers a number of other
printing options, some of which were discussed earlier in this chapter. Two sets of primary
printing options are found in Word Options. Common print options are found in the
Display area; others can be found in the Advanced area, as shown in Figure 14-12.
Figure 14-12 You can set additional print options in the Advanced and Display tabs of the Word
Options dialog box.
Some noteworthy printing options are also found in the Compatibility Options as well.
Table 14-1 provides the location of each option along with a detailed summary.
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