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Specialized Printing
To view the effect of the majority of printing options on a document prior to printing,
preview the document in Print view.
Table 14-1 Additional Printing Options in Word Options
Option Description
printing options in the Display section
Print Drawings Created In
Prints drawing objects, such as shapes and text boxes, as well
as floating objects, such as images and embedded objects. If
this option is turned off, white space is used in place of inline
drawing objects, floating objects are suppressed, and inline
objects, such as an embedded Excel workbook, are printed.
Print Background Colors
And Images
Prints page colors and other effects, such as images added
using the Page Color command on the Page Layout tab.
Print Document Properties
Prints the document properties on a separate page whenever
you print the document.
Print Hidden Text
Prints text formatted as hidden text even if it is not currently
displayed in the document.
Update Fields Before
Updates all fields—such as cross references, Tables of
Contents, calculations, and so on—in a document before printing.
This option also updates most fields when switching to Print
Update Linked Data Before
Updates data linked from other documents such as a linked
and embedded Excel workbook before printing.
printing options in the advanc ed section
Use Draft Quality
Prints a document with minimal formatting if your printer
supports draft-quality output.
Print In Background
Enables you to continue working while print tasks are being
processed (although you might notice a slight slowing in
response times as you work).
Print Pages In Reverse
Prints a document in reverse order, beginning with the
document’s last page.
Print XML Tags
Prints the XML tags embedded in the content of a document
marked with XML tags provided by the attached schema.
Print Field Codes Instead
Of Their Values
Prints the field code, such as {DATE} or {TIME} , in place of
the value of the field.
Allow Fields
Containing Tracked Changes to
Update Before Printing
Prints the most recently updated field contents in a form or
document with content controls.
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