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Printing Envelopes
Print On The Front Of The
Sheet For Duplex Printing
Prints the front of each sheet when printing on a printer that
does not have duplex capability. Pages print in reverse order
so that when you lip the stack to print on the back, the
pages print in the proper order.
Print On The Back Of The
Sheet For Duplex Printing
Prints the back of each sheet when printing on a printer that
does not have duplex capability. Pages print in ascending
order so that they correspond to a stack of pages that are
printed on the front in reverse order.
Scale Content For A4 Or
8.5 x 11” Paper Sizes
Enables automatic switching between standard 8.5-by-11-
inch paper and the narrower, slightly longer A4 paper size
used in most countries. This option is selected by default.
Default Tray
Specifies which printer tray should be used by default.
For more information about selecting paper sources, see
Chapter 3, “Right Now Document Design with Word 2010.”
Print Postscript Over Text
Prints PostScript code (such as watermarks or overprinted
text) when a document contains PRINT fields.
Print Only the Data From
A Form
Prints only the text entered into a document using form
fields, relative to their placement in the document. Used for
printing on pre-printed forms.
Compatibility options (located at the bottom of the advanced area in the layout options)
Print Body Text Before
Prints the main text layer before the Header/Footer layer,
which allows for the process of PostScript codes in the text
layer. This functionality is the reverse of the default order.
Print Colors As Black On
Noncolor Printers
Prints all colors as black, instead of using grayscale, when
using a noncolor printer.
Use Printer Metrics To Lay
Out Document
Word uses built-in metrics to lay out the document, as
opposed to information from the printer driver. This option
allows your document to look the same on the screen no
matter what printer driver is installed; however, it still prints
using information provided by the printer driver.
Printing Envelopes
On occasion, you might want to print a single envelope or an individual sheet of labels
instead of a document. If you have several envelopes or labels to print, you might want
to consider using Mail Merge instead. When you want to print a simple envelope or a set
of labels, on the Mailings tab, click either Envelopes or Labels to open the Envelopes and
Labels dialog box, as shown in Figure 14-13.
For information about conducting mail merges, see Chapter 26, “Creating Mailings Large
and Small.”
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