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Creating Labels
To print an envelope, simply follow these steps:
1. On the Mailings tab, click Envelopes.
If necessary, type the recipient address in the Delivery Address box or click Insert
Address next to the Delivery Address label. If you click Insert Address (above the
Delivery Address text box), choose a profile (such as Outlook) and select the recipient
in the Select Name dialog box.
3. Type a return address in the Return Address box or click Insert Address next to the
Return Address label, and then select the return address you want to use. Or, if you
prefer not to include a return address, click the Omit check box.
If you want to choose a nonstandard size envelope or change the font used in
the address blocks, click Options or click image in the Preview area to display the
Envelope Options dialog box. Select the envelope size and font you want to use and
click OK.
To change the font for individual lines or portions of the address, select the text
you wish to format, right-click the selected text, and click Font to display the
Font dialog box.
If you’ve subscribed to an e-postage service and want to add electronic postage
to the envelope, click E-Postage Properties to set postage options. Select the Add
Electronic Postage check box to enable the feature for the current envelope.
6. Ensure that your printer is ready and the envelope is inserted as shown in the Feed
area of the dialog box.
7. Click Print. If you want Word to save the created envelope with the document, click
Add To Document.
Creating Labels
Instead of printing directly on envelopes, you might want to print mailing labels. Word
provides an easy way for you to print labels in a wide range of shapes and sizes. If you want
to print a single label or a few labels—not enough to warrant using mail merge—you can
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