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Choose Your Method: Creating Tables in Word
One of the biggest considerations in this day of reusable content is that the table you
create might be used in other formats in addition to print. Using tables is particularly
helpful when you are creating content that might be offered in different mediums.
Perhaps you’re creating a blog post, a Web page, or a report that you’ll share electronically
by e-mail.
The table serves as a container for your data, enabling you to control the way that data is
presented. You can also easily move data in and out of tables by using Word’s Convert to
Text and Convert to Table features (which you’ll learn more about later in this chapter on
page 469).
Creating Well-Formed Tables
T he secret to creating an effective table is in the planning. What do you want the
table to show? What will your readers be looking for, and how can you best
organize that data to help them find what they need? Here are some additional questions
to ask as you’re thinking about the table you’re going to create:
Do you need to create the table in a limited space in your document?
Do you want the style of the table to match the styles you’ve used for other
document elements?
How many rows and columns will you need?
Will the table content include text, numbers, or both?
Will you use functions for totaling and averaging columns?
Will you have other, similar tables in your document?
Will readers view the table on the printed page, online, or in an e-mail message?
Do you want readers to do anything in the table? (For example, ill in a blank,
click a check box, or type a comment?)
Choose Your Method: Creating Tables in Word
Word provides you with a number of ways to create tables for your document, but if you
want fast and easy (with the option of customizing it after you create it), start with Quick
Tables. With Quick Tables, you can add ready-made, professional tables to your document
with the click of the mouse button. Other methods involve drawing a table with the Draw
Table tool; using Insert Table to display a dialog box where you can enter the number of
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