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Drawing a Table
Figure 15-3 Use the Insert Table dialog box when you know the number of rows and columns
you want your table to have.
Enter the values you want by clicking in the appropriate field and typing (or use the arrows
to increase or decrease the numbers displayed in the fields). In the AutoFit behavior area,
choose whether you want the columns in the table to be set to a specific width (this is
helpful if you are formatting a table to precise specifications so that it will it in a particular spot
in your document). Additionally, you can click AutoFit To Contents to have Word adjust the
size of the table cell to it the contents of that cell, or choose AutoFit To Window to resize
the table to maximize the space available in the document window.
The AutoFit To Window choice becomes important if you are preparing a document
that will be used on the Web. The table will adjust automatically based on the width
of the window used to display the document. This means that the entire width of the
table will always stay within your reader’s viewing area, no matter how wide their
browser window is.
If you want Word to remember the settings you’ve entered in the Insert Table dialog
box so they will be applied to other tables you create in the current document, select
the Remember Dimensions For New Tables check box and then click OK.
Drawing a Table
If you prefer to draw tables as you go along rather than relying on ready-made tables and
tools, then on the Insert tab, click Table and choose Draw Table. The pointer changes to an
electronic “pencil” that you can use—by clicking and dragging—to draw the table the way
you want it. You can also add lines for rows and columns and make editing changes while
you work.
The contextual Table Tools appear on the Ribbon, with Draw Table selected in the Draw
Borders group on the Design tab. You can customize the line style, thickness, and color
by using the tools in this group (more about this on page 482). If you add a line you want to
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