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Working with Galleries
Working with Galleries
Word 2010 includes all sorts of galleries—themes, styles, picture styles, and more—that
graphically display the range of choices from which you can click the design, color, layout,
and style you want. You will see galleries displayed in different ways, depending on your
screen resolution and the size of the Word window. The Ribbon was designed to adjust to
the size of the screen, so in some cases you might see galleries appear as selections on the
Ribbon, while other galleries appear as drop-down items.
Basically you’ll see galleries presented in one of three ways in Word. Some galleries are
shown as part of a group on the Ribbon (similar to the Picture Styles gallery shown in
Figure 1-13); you can click the More button in the lower-right corner of the gallery to
display the full collection of choices. Other galleries (such as those available for Themes,
Margins, and Position commands) display as drop-down galleries from which you can
make your selection.
Figure 1-13 Some galleries display choices in the Ribbon.
Other galleries open as a palette of choices, like the Corrections gallery shown in Figure
1-14. Using galleries, you can easily see at a glance which color combination, format, color
scheme, transition, or chart type you want. The choices you see in the galleries are
connected with the theme you’ve selected (if any) for your document. This helps you be sure
that when you’re choosing a chart type, for example, it reflects the colors, fonts, and effects
used in other parts of your document.
To choose an option in a gallery, simply click your choice, and the setting is applied to the
current document or selected object.
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