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Converting Text to a Table
remove, click the Eraser tool then click the line you want to delete. Figure 15-4 shows
columns being added to a drawn table.
Figure 15-4 You can click and drag the mouse to draw the cell borders which creates rows and
columns in a drawn table.
If you want to create a table in the middle of a text section and have the text
automatically wrap around it, press Ctrl while you draw the table.
Converting Text to a Table
When you have lists of information that you think would look better—or make more sense
to your readers—in table format, you can easily convert the text to a table. Select the text
in your Word document and then on the Insert tab, click Table. Then choose Convert Text
To Table.
The Convert Text To Table dialog box asks for input similar to that requested in the Insert
Table dialog box. You specify how many columns and rows you want to use, how you want
to use AutoFit, and finally, which characters have been used to delineate the individual text
entries. That is, which characters instruct word that the text following the character should
be in the next column (a tab character, for example). Click your choices then click OK. Word
makes the text into a new table.
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