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Creating Nested Tables
Figure 15-5 Choose the Excel Spreadsheet option from the Table list to use Excel
spreadsheet features in your table.
Whenever you want to modify the table, simply double-click it in the Word document, and
an Excel window will open. You can then edit the information as needed, apply formatting
changes, and more. When you click outside the worksheet, the window closes and the data
in your table is updated to reflect your changes.
Creating Nested Tables
With Word 2010, you can create nested tables—tables within tables—in your documents. A
nested table makes it possible for you to show readers various elements that go into a
particular data item in your table. Suppose, for example, that the Wide World Importers annual
report includes a table that shows sales results broken down by quarter. One product in
particular offers a greater number of models than the others, and in this case, inserting a
table within a table can show readers how each of the different products contribute to the
results shown in the cell (see Figure 15-6).
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