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Editing Tables
hidden marks in your current Word table, click Show/Hide in the Paragraph group on the
Home tab. The various table formatting marks will appear, as shown in Figure 15-7.
Figure 15-7 Table formatting marks identify the end of individual cells, rows, columns, and the
table itself.
When you select table data for moving, copying, or deleting, be sure to turn formatting
marks on to avoid inadvertently including hidden formatting codes that can change the
look or behavior of your table.
Control the Way Formatting Marks Are Displayed in
Your Document
You can change the types of formatting marks that appear in your document window.
If you don’t see all the formatting marks you expect, someone might have set the View
options to limit the ones that are displayed by default. You can turn all the formatting
marks back on by clicking Options on the File tab. On the Display tab, select the Show
All Formatting Marks check box then click OK to return to your document. Now all of
your formatting marks will appear automatically whenever you click Show/Hide.
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