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Inserting Columns and Rows
Inserting Columns and Rows
Some tables seem to take on a life of their own once you begin adding data in the columns
and rows. If you want to increase the size of your table by adding a column, you can do it
using either method described here:
Click the column label of the column beside which you want to add the new column.
Then click Layout in the contextual Table Tools and choose Insert Left or Insert Right
in the Rows & Columns group (see Figure Figure 15-9).
Right-click the column label of the column, point to Insert, and click Insert Columns
To The Left or Insert Columns To The Right.
Figure 15-9 The Layout tab of the contextual Table Tools has what you need to insert
columns and rows.
When you manually add data to a table by typing the entry and pressing Tab, Word will
continue creating new rows as long as you continue entering data. But when you want to
add rows in the middle of a table, for example, or add many rows at once, you can follow
the procedures given previously but choose Insert Above or Below instead of Left or Right.
If you want to insert multiple columns or rows, simply highlight the number of columns (or
rows) that you want to insert. For example, to add three columns to the left of an existing
column, highlight three contiguous columns, beginning with the one beside which you
want to insert the new columns. Then right-click the selected columns, point to Insert, and
choose Insert Columns To The Left. The three columns are added as you specified.
Inserting Cells
In some circumstances, you might want to insert cells in a table without adding an entire
row or column. You might need to do this, for example, when you have overlooked a
product name and number in your listing and need to add it without changing the entire table.
To insert cells in a table, simply select the cell (or cells) below which you want to insert new
cells. Right-click the selected cell, point to Insert, and choose Insert Cells. In the Insert Cells
dialog box, click the option you need (as shown in the graphic that follows) then click OK.
The cells in the table are changed accordingly.
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