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Making Quick Formatting Changes with the Mini Toolbar
Figure 1-14 Some galleries open as palettes from which you can easily click your choice.
You can easily preview how the new selection will look by hovering your mouse over
the option you’re thinking about selecting. The effect of the choice will show in the
selected object or text in your document. In this way, you can try out different choices
before you commit to one by clicking it.
Making Quick Formatting Changes with the Mini Toolbar
If you’re like other Word users, many of the choices you make while you’re working on a
document have to do with formatting. Word 2010 includes the Mini Toolbar to bring the
most common formatting options to you so you don’t have to leave your creative zone to
choose the options you want to apply. Whenever you select text, the Mini Toolbar appears
above the selection (see Figure 1-15). If you want to use the Mini Toolbar, move the mouse
toward it and select the option you want; otherwise, move the mouse pointer away from
the toolbar and it will fade away.
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