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Enhancing Your Tables with Formatting
Use the Table Style options on the Design tab of the contextual Table Tools to control
the types of styles you see in the Table Styles gallery and to apply quick changes to
your selected table. For example, if you want to see styles that include shading behind
alternate columns, select the Banded Columns check box.
To apply a style to your table, click in the table, then on the Design tab in the contextual
Table Tools, click one of the designs in the Table Styles gallery on the Ribbon.
If you don’t see one you like, click the More button in the lower-right corner of the gallery
to display a larger selection. As soon as you click a style, it is applied instantly to your table
(see Figure 15-10).
Figure 15-10 Use Table Styles to add a quick, professional look to the tables in your document.
You can also use Live Preview to see how the change will look before you actually select
it—just position the mouse pointer over a style you like, and the table will appear with
that format. If you want to use that style, click it in the Table Styles gallery.
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