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Creating Custom Table Styles
how Do Themes Affect Table Styles?
W hen you add a Quick Table to your Word document, the colors, fonts, and effects
used in the tables displayed in the Quick Table gallery are preselected to match
the document theme in use. The table styles that appear on the Design tab of the
contextual Table Tools are also coordinated so that their color schemes, fonts, and line
styles all correspond to the design elements in that particular theme.
This means that if at some point you choose a different theme for your document (on
the Page Layout tab, choose Themes and make a new choice), the tables in your
document will automatically change to reflect the colors, fonts, and line styles used in the
new theme.
If you modify some table style elements but do not save your changes as a new table
style, those changes will not be updated when the new theme specifications are
applied. For example, suppose that you added a yellow highlight to the data in one
column of your table. When you apply a new theme, the colors, fonts, and line styles
will change, but the yellow highlight remains.
Creating Custom Table Styles
If you have adopted a particular type of table format that you want to use for all your
company’s documents, you can easily create a table style and save it to the gallery for reuse
later. To create a new table style, follow these steps:
1. Create the table as usual and apply any formatting you want to be reflected in the
final style.
2. Click in the table to select it.
3. On the Design tab of the contextual Table Tools, click the More button in the
lowerright corner of the Table Styles gallery.
4. At the bottom of the gallery, click New Table Style. The Create New Style From
Formatting dialog box appears, as Figure 15-11 shows.
5. Make any additional formatting choices (for example, font color, size, and style; line
width, style, and color) and enter a name for the style in the Name box.
6. Select whether you want the table style to be available in all documents or only in the
current document, and then click OK to save the new table style.
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