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Creating Custom Table Styles
Figure 15-11 Create a new table style based on a table format you want to use regularly
in your documents.
Now your new table style is available in the Table Styles gallery. If you decide that you’d like
to further modify or delete the style, simply right-click it and choose Modify Table Style or
Delete Table Style.
If you want to designate one of the table styles in the Table Styles gallery as the default
table style used for all the tables you create, simply click it and choose Set As Default.
My table style will not accept my preferred font size.
A longstanding issue when creating table styles has been the inability to set a specific
font size for the table style. Various scenarios might occur, but one example is if the
font size of the Normal style is 12 points, you cannot set a font size of 10 points in the
table style. Another example is if the font size of the Normal style is greater than 12
points; in this case, you cannot specify a font size in the table style. In both examples,
the font size for the Normal style is used instead.
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