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Positioning Tables in Your Document
Put your own shading behind table data by using the Shading tool on the Design tab
of Table Tools. When you click Shading, a color palette appears, displaying choices
that are in line with the selected theme. The palette also gives you the option of
choosing custom colors. Again, have fun and experiment, but if things go horribly
wrong, choose No Color or press Ctrl+Z to undo your creative catastrophe.
Positioning Tables in Your Document
In some cases, you might be perfectly happy creating a table at the cursor position and
leaving it at that. In other cases, you might want to position the table more intentionally.
You can use the options on the Table tab of the Table Properties dialog box to control the
way in which your table is positioned. Display the dialog box by right-clicking in your table
and choosing Table Properties. Click Table then click Left, Center, or Right alignment to
specify whether you want your table to be positioned on the left margin of the document,
centered between the margins, or aligned on the right.
You can have Word indent the table by a specific amount of space by using the Indent
From Left option on the Table tab of the Table Properties dialog box. The default
setting is zero, but you can increase the indent by clicking the up arrow.
Flowing Text Around Tables
Text wrap becomes an important consideration when you’re working with multiple tables in
a long document. Two options are available: None, which means text will not wrap around
the table at all but appear above and below it, or Around, which lows text up to and
around the table. Choose how you want text to low by clicking the Table tab in the Table
Properties dialog box.
When you click Around, the Positioning button becomes available. Click Positioning to
display the Table Positioning dialog box (shown in Figure 15-12) in which you make choices
that control where the table is positioned in your document by default.
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