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Resizing an Entire Table
Test AutoFit To Window
If you want to see how resizing your table will affect the rest of the text displayed in
your document, you can easily test AutoFit To Window by creating your table, choosing
AutoFit To Window (you can do this before you create the table or afterward), and then
displaying the table in Web Layout view. While the table is displayed, resize your
document window. Notice how the table is automatically reformatted so that it always its
within the borders of the window.
Resizing an Entire Table
Although AutoFit does a good job of keeping on top of the way your table needs to grow
(or shrink), there will be times when you want to make those changes yourself. The easiest
way to resize a table is to drag a table corner. Here’s the process in a nutshell: click the table
resize handle in the lower-right corner of the table and drag it in the direction you want the
table to be resized. The cells are redrawn to reflect the new size of the table.
You can resize tables only in Print Layout and Web Layout views. Although you can see
a table in Draft view, the table resize handle is not available.
Setting Preset and Percent Table Sizes
The Table Properties dialog box gives you two very different sizing options. To open it,
right-click in your table, and then choose Table Properties. To create a table based on a
fixed measurement, click the Table tab and in the Size section, select the Preferred Width
check box and enter the width for the table you’re going to create. Click the Measure In
arrow and select Inches, then click OK.
The best use of this feature, however, is in creating a table that reformats automatically,
based on the size of the browser window. In other words, if you’re viewing your table as
part of a Web page, and you reduce the size of your browser window, the table will
reformat so that it will stay entirely visible, even in the smaller window. This is a great feature if
you’re often switching back and forth between applications and want to keep your
information open on the screen. To create a table whose dimensions are based on a percentage
of screen display, click the Measure In arrow, select Percent, and then click OK. The table
will be reformatted as needed to stay within the size of the Web browser window.
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