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Adding and Formatting Diagram Text
Figure 16-3 Use the SmartArt Tools Design tab to choose the layout, style, and color for your
Adding and Formatting Diagram Text
Adding text to your diagram is simple: just click in the first text box and type the text you
want to display in the box. Press Tab to move to the next text box. Repeat as needed until
the text boxes are filled. If you run out of text shapes and need to add a new one, click the
Add Shape down arrow in the Create Graphics group on the SmartArt Tools Design tab and
choose whether you want to add a shape after, before, above, or below the current shape.
If you prefer to enter all text at once rather than clicking individual shapes and typing text
entries, you can display the SmartArt text pane. On the SmartArt Tools Design tab, click
Text Pane in the Create Graphic group, then in the Text Pane, click in the item you want to
change and type your text.
You can format the text in the diagram by highlighting the text and choosing the text
options from the Mini Toolbar that appears above the selection. You can also apply text
styles by highlighting the text, clicking the Format tab, and choosing the setting you want
to apply in the WordArt Styles group. Text Effects is a new tool in Word 2010 with which
you can apply special treatments—Shadow, Reflection, Glow, Bevel, 3-D Rotation, and
Transform—to the text you select (see Figure 16-4).
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