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Making Formatting Changes in the Diagram
Figure 16-4 Change the look of your diagram text by applying styles and effects from the
WordArt Styles group on the SmartArt Tools Format tab.
Making Formatting Changes in the Diagram
You can apply special formats to give your diagrams a professional look while carrying over
the design of your publication in terms of color scheme, fonts, and more. Similar to the
chart options available with traditional charting in Word, SmartArt diagrams also offer you
a variety of layouts and styles that you can apply directly to the diagrams in your
documents. To change the layout of the diagram, click it and select the Design tab on the
SmartArt Tools contextual tab. Then click the More button in the Layouts gallery to display the
full range of layout possibilities. Depending on the type of diagram you’ve created, you will
see a variety of layout options. Click the one that best its the data concepts you’re trying
to convey.
Like other objects in Word 2010, the available formatting settings that you can apply to
your SmartArt are influenced by the theme selected for the document. You can change the
colors in your SmartArt diagram by selecting a preset color palette with the Change Colors
tool, which is available in the SmartArt Styles group on the SmartArt Tools Design tab.
When you choose Change Colors, a palette of choices appears. The colors that correspond
to the selected theme appear in the top portion of the palette. Point to the one you want
to preview then click your final choice to apply it to the diagram in your document.
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