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Making Formatting Changes in the Diagram
SmartArt Quick Styles offer you a gallery of ready-made styles (complete with 3-D settings,
shadows, rotation, lighting, and more) that you can apply to your diagram with a click of
the mouse. Click the More button to display all the choices and select the one you want
(see Figure 16-5).
Figure 16-5 Choose a SmartArt Style to apply 3-D effects, lighting, and more.
You might start out with rectangles in a list diagram or circles in a relationship
diagram, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with those shapes. You can replace a
traditional shape with a unique one of your choosing by selecting the traditional shape
and clicking Change Shape in the Shapes group of the SmartArt Tools Format. Click the
Change Shape down arrow and select a shape from the displayed list. The shape in your
diagram is replaced with the new shape. This can be done for any part of the graphic
that can be selected as a separate shape (for example, one rectangle in a list).
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