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Changing the Chart Type
The gallery area of the Insert Chart dialog box contains all the chart types available to
you, so if you prefer, you can simply use the vertical scroll bar in the dialog box to view
all the different chart styles. That way, if you really aren’t sure what the type of chart
you want to create is called—but you know it when you see it—you can look over all
the styles quickly and make your selection by double-clicking it.
Changing the Chart Type
Making sure you have the right chart for the data you’re displaying is an important part
of communicating your concepts most effectively. Some charts, such as bar and column
charts, are best for comparing data items—for example, tracking the sales of apples
compared to oranges. Other charts, such as pie charts, are better for showing the relation
of individual items to a whole—such as the fundraising totals of your two top volunteer
groups as they compare to total fundraising dollars in August 2010.
Word makes it simple for you to select and change chart types. Start by creating a new
chart or by displaying the chart you’ve already created. Click the chart (if necessary) so that
the contextual Chart Tools are displayed on the Ribbon. On the Design tab, click Change
Chart Type in the Type group (on the far left side of the Ribbon). The Change Chart Type
dialog box (which you saw earlier as the Insert Chart dialog box) opens, offering you the
range of chart types that were available to you when you initially created the chart. Simply
click the chart type you want, click OK, and Word changes the display of the chart in your
document and modifies the datasheet if needed.
If you really like the chart type you’ve selected, you can make it the default chart that is
used automatically whenever you create a new one. Simply click Set As Default Chart in
the Insert Chart (or Change Chart Type) dialog box. Each time you create a new chart,
the chart type you selected will be used by default.
Creating a Chart Template
Word offers so many ways to enhance the design of your charts that you might want to
create your own templates so the charts you create are consistent in all of your documents.
If you work for a company that standardizes its published materials, creating and using a
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