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Working with the Datasheet
Working with the Datasheet
Figure 16-12 shows the datasheet that appears when you create a new pie chart in Word.
As you can see, the series names (Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3) and the category names
are all generic. The data in the datasheet doesn’t mean anything at this point—it simply
provides the chart engine with something to display in the sample chart.
Figure 16-12 The datasheet displays the data values and labels used to create your chart.
If you close the datasheet by clicking the Excel close button, you can redisplay it while
you edit the chart by clicking Edit Data in the Data group on the Design tab of the
contextual Chart Tools.
The datasheet is actually an Excel worksheet, so the tools on the Ribbon might look
familiar to you. Changing the data in the datasheet is a simple matter of clicking in the cell you
want to change and typing the new information. You’ll find the following items on the
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