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Editing and Enhancing Chart Information
Editing and Enhancing Chart Information
The chart that Word 2010 adds to your document will be fairly straightforward,
without much formatting or color. After you create the basic chart, you can add to, edit, and
enhance your chart in a number of different ways. Begin by clicking the chart you want to
change; the contextual Chart Tools appears automatically along the top of the Ribbon. You
use the Chart Tools, shown in Figure 16-13, to change the chart layout, choose a chart style
(including colors and shadow effects), add titles and labels, change the look of the
background and axes, and much more. The sections that follow show you how to add specific
items to your charts to make them easier for readers to understand.
Figure 16-13 Use the contextual Chart Tools to edit and enhance the charts in your document.
Although many of the elements you’ll find on the Chart Tools tab relate to all the
different chart types, some controls are disabled for certain charts. For example, the tools
in the Axes group on the Layout tab are disabled when a pie chart is selected because
they don’t apply to that type of chart.
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