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Choosing a New Chart Layout
Choosing a New Chart Layout
If you spend some time working on a chart and just don’t feel it portrays what you want to
convey, you can easily switch chart types by applying a new layout to the chart. A chart
layout is like a template—complete with a legend style, data labels, and more—that you apply
to the chart you’ve already created. You can choose a layout for your chart when you want
to save yourself the time and trouble of choosing a number of chart options individually.
To apply a chart layout, click the chart to select it, and then on the Chart Tools Design tab,
click the More button in the lower-right corner of the Chart Layouts gallery to display the
whole collection of layouts (see Figure 16-14). Simply click the layout to apply it to your
Figure 16-14 Use the Chart Layouts gallery to apply specific chart formats to the charts in your
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