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Adding a Chart Title
Change Fonts with the Mini Toolbar
B y now you’ve probably noticed that Word 2010 is all about context. Whatever
project you’re working on, Word offers you just the tools you need to complete it.
When you want to change the font used in a chart, simply highlight the text you want
to change. The Mini Toolbar appears over the text with which you can easily choose a
new font, change the size, make the font larger or smaller, change the color, and more.
Simply click your choice and the text is changed. All things should be so simple.
Adding a Chart Title
Not all charts need titles, but a chart title can help readers understand the “big picture”
you’re trying to communicate. To add a title to your chart, click Chart Title in the Labels
group on the Layout tab of the contextual Chart Tools. In the gallery, choose whether you
want the title to be centered on the chart or placed above the chart. (If you decide later
that you want to move the title, you can simply drag it to the point on the chart where you
want it to appear.) Centered Overlay Title enables the chart to be displayed at maximum
size (which is important if you have a fairly complex chart), while Above Chart reduces the
chart size slightly to make room for the title. Experiment with each choice to find the one
that’s right for your chart.
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