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Working with Axes
Chances are that you won’t have a lot of room in your document for lengthy chart
titles. A good title pulls out key words that reflect what the chart portrays. If you’re
comparing volunteer recruitment methods, “Recruitment Methods Comparison” works.
Not exciting, but accurate. If you can think of something exciting too, all the better.
Working with Axes
The axes of your chart are important in that they set up the structure for the way in which
data is displayed. You can use two different tools in the contextual Chart Tools to work with
axes. Both are found on the Layout tab.
If you want to instruct Word to display the title of an axis, click Axis Titles in the Labels
group. To add an axis title to your chart, begin by clicking Axis Titles and pointing to the
axis you want to change (Primary Horizontal Axis or Primary Vertical Axis). When you
point to the Horizontal Axis selection, choose Show Title Below Axis to add the title text
box to the chart. (You can click and drag the title box anywhere on the chart you’d like it
to appear—but be sure to keep it close to the axis so your readers will understand what it
refers to.) If you select Primary Vertical Axis, you will see three choices: Rotated Title,
Vertical Title, and Horizontal Title. Select your display choice, and then simply click in the text
box and type the text for your axis title.
If you want to change the way in which information is displayed along the axis, you can
choose Axes in the Axes group. When you click the Axes tool, a list appears, offering
Primary Horizontal Axis and Primary Vertical Axis as options. Choose the axis you want to
change, and another set of choices appears (see Figure 16-16). For the horizontal axis, your
choices involve whether the axis runs right to left (or vice versa) and where the data labels
appear. For the vertical axis, you can choose the value increments you want to appear on
the axis (thousands, millions, or billions).
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