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Working with Axes
Figure 16-16 Choose the axis you want to change and make your selection from the gallery.
If you want to further control the axes in your chart, you can choose More Primary Vertical
Axis Options or More Primary Horizontal Axis Options at the bottom of each of the
respective galleries. To further refine how your axes appear, you need to display the Format Axis
dialog box, as shown in Figure 16-17. In this dialog box, you can choose the increments for
the values on the vertical axis, set the tick mark type, and determine the placement of the
chart floor. In the Format Axis dialog box for the horizontal axis, you can also set axis type
and tick mark settings, and choose where the vertical axis crosses the horizontal axis.
Additionally, in both dialog boxes, you can choose line color and ill, shadow, and 3-D effects for
the axes.
You will be able to choose settings for the chart floor only when you are working with
a 3-D chart.
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