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Add Gridlines and Trendlines
Figure 16-17 You can choose additional options for the axes in your chart by using the Format
Axis dialog box.
To hide or display axis tick marks, display the Format Axis dialog box and clear or select
the Major Tick Mark Type and Minor Tick Mark Type options, as appropriate. Click
Close to save your settings.
Add Gridlines and Trendlines
If you’re working with complicated charts that have multiple data series, gridlines can help
clarify the comparisons and conclusions you want readers to draw from your chart. Select
the Gridlines tool in the Axes group on the Chart Tools Layout tab. Then click either
Primary Horizontal Gridlines or Primary Vertical Gridlines. Both choices give you the option of
selecting major gridlines, minor gridlines, or major and minor gridlines.
You can be creative with the gridlines in your chart if you want to shake things up a
little bit. Word 2010 enables you to choose new gradients for your gridlines and add
shadows and arrows. Simply right-click the gridline you want to change in the chart
and select Format Gridlines. The dialog box that appears will be either Format Major
Gridlines or Format Minor Gridlines, depending on which set of gridlines you selected.
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